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Original Caveman

Caveman Stickers (10 PCS)

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CaveMan PVC Stickers Decal. Waterproof and Fade Resistant .10 Pcs Pack.

Size: 7cm x 7cm.

Material: Vinyl


Made of self-adhesive PVC material, these stickers are reliable, waterproof and durable. The colors are bright and long-lasting. Matte finish, not easy to fade.

Easy to apply. Can be stuck on most smooth, flat, dry and clean surfaces, which are easy to be pasted or removed with no residue; Just peel them off, then paste to the places you like, these stickers can stay for a long time without falling.


How to Use

Versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces including water bottle, scrapbook, laptop, mouse, desk, luggage, bike, helmet, wall, window, car, vehicle.


What Our Customers Say

  • Way better than the other stuff. I used to be all for D********h, but honestly this stuff lasts longer and smells way better.... like by a country mile. I have fully converted to using Caveman soap.

    Irish N., United States

  • The Ugg smell great version smells really good. I will definitely buy again (as long as the price doesn't change too much).

    Adam D., United Kingdom

  • Smells great. Once used you feel so much smoother and no sticky feeling like some gels do. Smells great too. Bar lasts a long time as well.

    Jakman, United Kingdom

  • Hands down best natural soap for the money. Bought a few natural soaps on the market. But Cavemen is now my favorite, has a masculine scent and is long lasting.

    Randy, Canada

  • Fantastic product! Tried various charcoal soaps and D********h brand and these are definitely the best. Great for sensitive skin.

    Stu W., United Kingdom

  • Feels great on my skin. If you haven't already tried the various other bars you are missing out on the BEST SOAP it makes you feel GREAT😀

    Mike B., United Kingdom

  • Great product, great smell. Lasts long, grit on the soap works well. Great smell as well!

    Cassandra, Canada

  • Its a lovely smelling soap. Happy so far.

    Andy, United Kingdom

  • Smells great! Large bar. Really impressed with this soap! Much cheaper than the competitor, great smell, it also exfoliates. Highly recommended.

    Andy W., United Kingdom

  • Best soap for anyone with skin issues. Really helps with skin problems and cleans extremely well. Been using this soap for years and always works better than face scrubs or body washes. I like the smell but can be an acquired sent. Very earthy and fresh.

    Steven, United Kingdom

  • After buying a bar of D********h and not being impressed with the fragrance (or lack of it) it was hard for me to take the plunge again and buy another bar of premium mens soap, this leathers up well, cleans great and smells fantastic, a much stronger fragrance than squatch, treat your balls... I did,

    Ian, United Kingdom

  • I bought this for my husband and he was happy with it, smells lovely and lasts a long time, we will be ordering more.

    Teresa, United Kingdom

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